Used Volkswagen Passat – History in Brief

If you happen to be in the hunt for a perfect family car, then you might just be missing big time on a Volkswagen Passat. Even a used Volkswagen Passat is a very good choice. Start browsing and you’d find dozens of Volkswagen Passat cars on sale online, and you will find the same in the local car shops too. If you think buying a brand new car with lot of budget is not your cup of tea, then you can go ahead and buy the used Volkswagen Passat.

A Brief History

Passat is a car manufactured by the Volkswagen Group, and it happens to be a complete family car for the family use. ‘Passat’ in German means, Tradewind. Volkswagen usually names its cars with the names of the winds; and same is true with the Passat car. Volkswagen Passat was first rolled out in the year 1973, and since then there have been more than six models. The recent version of Passat which was rolled out was the Volkswagen Passat CC, and it happens to be a coupe car.

During the 90s, the sedans were the best selling type of cars. People had a craze towards the sedans than compared to any other ones. It was during this time, that Volkswagen released the 412, 411 and the Type 3 cars, and all of them failed miserably in the market. Volkswagen decided to team up with another car maker; Audi and designed the Volkswagen Passat, with front wheel drive and a water cooled engine. Since the launch of Passat, Volkswagen has gained a new market.

The first model of Passat that was released in the year 1973 was the MK1. This version completely looked like a sedan, with two front doors and two back doors. This models is actually very closely related to Audi 80 series with regard to its design. This car had 4 speed manual gears and an engine that had 1.6 liter capacity, and the tank could accommodate 46 liter of fuel. MK1’s production was stopped in the year 1981.

MK1 was followed by the MK2 and that was brought to market in the year 1981. A few things that were changed in this version was, the headlight of the car. In MK2, Volkswagen used rectangular headlight, compared to the round head lights of MK1. MK2 was little longer than MK1 in length. Volkswagen also released a 4 wheel drive of this car which had an engine capacity of 2.2 liter and had transmission with 5 and 4 speed manual.

After MK2, MK3 and MK4 followed the series, and to tell you, almost every version of car has a good ‘units sold’ impression. That was a brief history of Volkswagen Passat.