The Ford Fairlane

Between their 1955 and 1971, Ford built the Fairlane and had a great degree of success with this vehicle. Perhaps, this is because of the fact that the word Fairlane happens to be the name of the estate of the iconic leader of Ford – Henry Ford.

The Fairlane automobile was released as a full sized car but later on was remodeled to be a medium build one. There was even a design that shocked most customers at the time and that was the retractable hardtop. Since that time, this became one of the ways many people would recognize a Fairlane.. Of course, there were other features about this car that made it so extremely popular back in the 1960s.

This is the perfect classification of a classic car, in my opinion, since it is being restored all around the country due to its durability and ageless style. Just like the Ford Mustang that had a debut in one of James Bond’s movies, the Ford Fairlane also starred in another adaptation of the classic film. It is indeed a true American car since it is very much associated with the kind of lifestyle and status that people lived with in that particular era.

True to its All-American built, this vehicle boasted a 2.8L engine. This meant that it could handle its own on any dragracing strip. Almost every Fairlane was built with the V8 engine, as this vehicle’s reputation was built on both power and speed. This kind of engine is what made it such an iconic car of its era.

The Fairlane came in both the sedan and station wagon model. The sedan came in both two-door and four-door models, while the station wagon mainly came in four-door models.

When production stopped in 1971, the Fairlane had become one of Ford’s most recognizable models. This is why in my opinion, that next to the Mustang, it was Ford’s most popular muscle car of the 1960s.