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Volkswagen – New Up and Coming Models in 2010

Volkswagen often abbreviated to VW is one of the most recognized car manufacturers in an international automotive industry. In fact, this German-based car manufacturing company is one of the world’s most admired names in auto industry that has constantly set new examples with the introduction of new cars featured with some of the best technologies. Established in the year 1937 by the German Labour Front Deutsche Arbeitsfront, the company has offered some of the most brilliant cars and SUVs. Whether it was the early Volkswagen Sedan, the Volkswagen Beetle or the late 90s model such Volkswagen Polo and Passa, every model introduced by the Volkswagen in the auto market always gained huge popularity. Apart from all this, in terms of performance and fuel efficiency, Volkswagen is still counted among the world’s few known brands.

It has been years, this brand has enjoyed the great record of introducing some of the best well-built cars that yet remain matchless. In 2010, the company is again looking forward to launch new car models assembled with some of the best features at the most competitive rates. If you are a real lover of cars and planning to have your own brand new Volkswagen car, here are few most idyllic models that you must look out in the year 2010 –

Volkswagen Passat CC: The Volkswagen CC is an all-new vehicle from Volkswagen for 2010. Wrapped in a dramatic and elegant four-door body, this new model has a powerful and efficient base turbo engine. Balanced drive and handling along with beautiful interior are other major features that are hard to ignore. Adding to this, the new model also has an iPod connector although it is bundled with the world-class navigation system. Its driving dynamics is simply matchless. Perhaps it won’t be wrong to say that the new Volkswagen Passat CC is a stylish, best and economical alternative to mainstream midsize sedans.

Volkswagen EOS: The new Volkswagen EOS is another gem of technology that can be real pride to own. This new model includes some of the best features such as leather-wrapped steering wheel along with audio controls, and a revised instrument cluster. The key feature that makes this model more unique is a chrome grille plus an optional sport-tuned suspension with 18″ wheels. Adding to this, it is a hardtop convertible featuring an integrated power panoramic sunroof. Talking in terms of safety, it includes features such as an electronic stability system, active rollover bars, tyre pressure monitoring and front and side airbags.

Volkswagen Golf: The all new Volkswagen Golf of 2010 is much more fun and comfort packed driving machine. Featuring an all new look, this model is now available in four-door and two-door body styles. Moreover, it can be powered by either a 170-hp 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder gas engine, or a new 140-hp 2.0-liter TDI clean-diesel engine. In addition to this, its standard safety features include stability and traction control, tyre pressure monitoring along with six airbags and anti-lock brakes.

Volkswagen Jetta: If you are looking to drive a true German sedan this year then there can be no alternative to Volkswagen Jetta. Available in sedan body style, this model has everything that can make you crazy. For those looking for the maximum fuel efficiency, Jetta can be the best options as it is powered by three different engines, a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine generating 170 horsepower and a 140-hp 2.0L TDI clean-diesel engine. However, the major highlight of this model for 2010 is it has a new and great look inside as well as outside and key features such as new headlights, bumpers, instrument cluster and fabrics and much more.

These are some of the popular car models from Volkswagen that is expected to rule the road this year. No doubt, owning any of these cars can be a real pleasure to drive on the road. As a result, it is sensible that if you can perform a proper research regarding the authenticate dealers as well. This year, every model from Volkswagen is worth enough to be appreciated and own.

Used Volkswagen Passat – History in Brief

If you happen to be in the hunt for a perfect family car, then you might just be missing big time on a Volkswagen Passat. Even a used Volkswagen Passat is a very good choice. Start browsing and you’d find dozens of Volkswagen Passat cars on sale online, and you will find the same in the local car shops too. If you think buying a brand new car with lot of budget is not your cup of tea, then you can go ahead and buy the used Volkswagen Passat.

A Brief History

Passat is a car manufactured by the Volkswagen Group, and it happens to be a complete family car for the family use. ‘Passat’ in German means, Tradewind. Volkswagen usually names its cars with the names of the winds; and same is true with the Passat car. Volkswagen Passat was first rolled out in the year 1973, and since then there have been more than six models. The recent version of Passat which was rolled out was the Volkswagen Passat CC, and it happens to be a coupe car.

During the 90s, the sedans were the best selling type of cars. People had a craze towards the sedans than compared to any other ones. It was during this time, that Volkswagen released the 412, 411 and the Type 3 cars, and all of them failed miserably in the market. Volkswagen decided to team up with another car maker; Audi and designed the Volkswagen Passat, with front wheel drive and a water cooled engine. Since the launch of Passat, Volkswagen has gained a new market.

The first model of Passat that was released in the year 1973 was the MK1. This version completely looked like a sedan, with two front doors and two back doors. This models is actually very closely related to Audi 80 series with regard to its design. This car had 4 speed manual gears and an engine that had 1.6 liter capacity, and the tank could accommodate 46 liter of fuel. MK1’s production was stopped in the year 1981.

MK1 was followed by the MK2 and that was brought to market in the year 1981. A few things that were changed in this version was, the headlight of the car. In MK2, Volkswagen used rectangular headlight, compared to the round head lights of MK1. MK2 was little longer than MK1 in length. Volkswagen also released a 4 wheel drive of this car which had an engine capacity of 2.2 liter and had transmission with 5 and 4 speed manual.

After MK2, MK3 and MK4 followed the series, and to tell you, almost every version of car has a good ‘units sold’ impression. That was a brief history of Volkswagen Passat.