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7 Seater Cars – Know Everything About the Volkswagen Touran

An Introduction to the 7 Seater Car Volkswagen Touran

In Germany alone; the Volkswagen is one among the best selling 7 seater MPV Cars. Volkswagen has not released many wagon type of cars; but this one happens to be one such famous car. The very first release of this car has been highly successful, and much of the changes that happened after the initial releases didn’t add much to its initial popularity. Alloy wheel pairs, newly designed grill, rub strips coupled with flank are few of the changes that were added recently to the car.

7 Seater Vehicle Volkswagen Touran & Its Mechanical Features

Volkswagen Touran Design DNA is the baseline for the new design used in this car. This car is mostly famous for the compactness it provides compared to all other cars from this company. A drastic change has been done in the engine that has been used in the making of this car. The engine boasts the advanced technology that enables the car to deliver astonishing fuel economy and reduced-to-nil amount of carbon dioxide emission. You can buy this car in both the diesel and petrol engine version. The decrease in the fuel consumption with this car can be attributed to the newly implemented technology called the Touran Bluemotion. In numbers this car can give up to 100 kilometers for just 4.6 gallons of fuel. This 7 seater car features the turbo charged petrol engine of the capacity of the magnitude 105PS and the manufacturer has implemented 1.2 liter of TSI for the petrol engine.

We all know that Europe is stringent with its rule towards the emission control. With this 7 seater MPV from Volkswagen, the company has achieved greater efficiency with lowest possible emission and thus given one solid reasons for the Europeans to go Gaga over it. The car attends to all the guidelines provided by Euro Five emissions.

Exterior of the 7 Seat Vehicle Volkswagen Touran

The latest version of the 7 seater vehicle Volkswagen Touran definitely has the wow look and can be constituted to its newly adopted design style. You can notice the bush of horizontal lines across the entire of the body of this 7 seater car; and is a predominant factor in making the car look ‘cool’. As we mentioned earlier, its the Design DNA that has been used in the redesigning work of the new 7 seater Volkswagen. With this design guidelines, the Volkswagen Touran has received a new bumper, brand new set of grill for radiator, a new bonnet for the front engine and new wings too. The shape of the front headlights have changed considerably from the previous version. The radiator of this new 7 seater is painted black. The bumper of this car has been given the same color as that of the body. Now Volkswagen gives the option for the customized headlight modules. The customer has the freedom to choose between various types of the headlights and the position of the headlights in the headlight socket of the 7 seater car. LED lights are used to give a unique look to the headlight socket of the car customized uniquely for that particular customer.

Studying the Extra Special Features of the 7 Seater Volkswagen Touran

There are two major features that needs good discussion are the Dynamic Assist Technology and the Light Assist Technology. This particular technology is used to mainly analyze the condition of the traffic and find out the amount of light required and hence the same is communicated to the headlight module. With this technology in place, the light beam automatically adjusts itself in order to accommodate various environmental conditions. With the front windscreen favoring the beam module, you can be assured that you will have a safe ride.

The rear end of the 7 seater Volkswagen Touran has definitely been re touched. The newly added design ensures a unique daytime and night time appearance to the car. The new shape of this 7 seater car reduces the air turbulence that used to happen in the previous version of the car. A new spoiler on the edge of the roof helps achieve this result. Gas springs at the rear end closes very smoothly because of the improvised technology behind it. The rear door has been fit with wider and bigger window which gives a better rear look for the rider.

A Talk about the Interiors of the 7 Seater Car

The interiors of the car too have been modified. There have been changes made in the air conditioning system of the car. The vents made for the air conditioning have also seen a change. In case of the electronic windows, the car has lost the control button and is upgraded to electrical switches. The seating of the second and the third row has been modified to give more space and comfort.

The third and second row seats can be easily folded down to reveal umpteen space inside the car. This is very useful whenever you plan on travelling far distances and are facing the problem for having a nice long nap. Third row has been given a little extra pep-up with the addition of cup holders and the folding table. You can consider this to be an affordable Limo. Among all other feature upgrades that have happened to this 7 seater car, the upgrade in terms of the interior space of the car is one of the most noteworthy ones.

The Finale

All said and done; the price matters. You can buy Volkswagen Touran at a not-so-difficult $23,000. If you go out to read the reviews on the net, you will notice that there are reviews equally spread on both the sides. People do have problem with the price tag that has been attached to the car despite the fact that the features that come along with are simply marvellous. With the long list of features and comfort provided by the car; our personal opinion is; it ain’t too much to pay (the money).

VW CrossTouran, Volkswagen’s Newest Crossover Model

Volkswagen Touran, the German automaker’s compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is getting a new variant to add up to its model lineup. The Volkswagen Touran will have a crossover variant called the CrossTouran, which is the third crossover model of Volkswagen.

According to a Volkswagen Group press release: “Volkswagen is extending its line-up of distinctive Cross Models, effective immediately, to include a third level: The CrossTouran. As on the successful CrossPolo and CrossGolf models introduced at the beginning of the year, the CrossTouran is also characterized by wrap-around, robust guard strips, powerful wheel arches, modified bumpers and newly designed 17-inch alloy wheels. Fitting into its powerful appearance is the chassis that was elevated by approx. twelve millimeters. Thanks to its roomy interior it comes highly recommended as an ideal companion for uncomplicated transport of mountain bikes, hang gliders, or any kind of sporting equipment. Aside from all of its practical aspects, the new van with its individual outfit offers an alternative to all those who like things sportier and earthier.”

New distinctive features for the new Volkswagen CrossTouran are noticeable. On the front fascia, the vehicle is equipped with “Matte chrome” insignia radiator grille along with black headlamp housings, black guard strips, redesigned bumper, standard fog lamps, and distinctive Black grained trim covers in the spoiler area. The Volkswagen CrossTouran also gets black body trim around the doors, rocker panels and fender flares. At the back, the Volkswagen CrossTouran has by taillights with dark lamp bodies and wrap-around black trim on the bumpers. The CrossTouran also has a 17-inch “Funplay” type alloy wheels and 215/50 R 17 tires for the vehicle to ride on.

On the inside, the Volkswagen CrossTouran features a variable, comfortable, and spacious interior. High quality materials, textures, and color schemes are also highlighted on the CrossTouran’s overall interior feel. A host of standard and functional interior amenities is offered including practical storage pockets on the backs of the front seats, center armrest in front with storage box, drawers under the front seats, an additional 12-Volt outlet in the rear section of the center console. These features are also found on the VW Touran Trendline model. In addition, leather time parking brake lever handle and gearshift knob is also included in the interior package along with three-spoke steering wheel stainless steel plates, and dual-tone horn. Other interior features include climate control system (Climatic), electric window lifts, cargo covers, six airbags, RCD 300 MP3-capable radio with CD player and a speed control system, and a front passenger seat back that folds completely for stowing long cargo items.

Moving on the technical side, Volkswagen offers a wide options of engine types for the CrossTouran ranging from petrol, TSI, and TDI diesel engines. These include: 1.6 with 75 kW / 102 PS; TSI with 103 kW / 140 PS; TSI with 125 kW / 170 PS; 1.9 TDI with 77 kW / 105 PS; 2.0 TDI with 103 kW / 140 PS; and 2.0 TDI with 125 kW / 170 PS. These engines are combined with either 5- or 6-speed manual gearbox as a standard powertrain feature or an optional dual clutch transmission (DSG). Other powertrain and suspension parts include Volkswagen spark plugs, quality chassis system, and Volkswagen’s patented Park Assist system.

How to Purchase Inexpensive Audio Components For Your Own Car

Internal car accessories are a great and strong demand for automobile fans. When you would like to give your very own auto an exotic or a classic look, you will undoubtedly need a complete collection of car accessories to achieve the task. Also, you decidedly don’t have plenty of cash to provide you with the large expenditures of auto accessories. Therefore, you are needed to have a solid, inexpensive but top quality reservoir of car accessories – which is solved by wholesale. Almost every single supplement or piece which you can visualize is out there under the heading of cheap automobile accessories. Actually a compact nut or screw which is fixing your very own dash panel inside the body may even be got in low cost car accessories.

Top selling low-cost car accessories consist of floor mats, sporty steering wheels, exotic fibre bonnets, tinged windscreens, mirrors, buffers, and also wide range of other stuff. You will find furthermore quite a few people who center on the exterior of the automobile rather than its inside. They simply want to render their auto seem amazing. For the task, they expend a large number of dollars. Purchasing low-cost may actually save a lot that you invest on the retailer s shop. Wholesale accessories for car vendors are available on the internet that further spares your a large number of bucks when you get bulk lots.

Internet based low-cost accessories for car:

A complete range of low-cost car accessories can be revealed online. There are thousands of internet sites that are mostly owned by wholesalers and also big retail chains. These types of on the internet shops are capable of providing very nice prices for the car accessories – as they save on the providing of the retail store and also advertisements. As a result, it is seen to be a wise decision to get low-cost auto accessories from internet. Great discounts can easily also be availed from web based middlemen and also retail merchants.

Audio add-ons:

Speaker components are of huge grandness in low cost accessories for car. They consist of a major part of the overall sales volume of car accessories. Many music lovers and incredible car aficionados set up genuinely large loudspeakers as well as big woofers and woofers to create a actually boomed audio. It is not false that fanciers spend countless bucks on the installation of only speaker systems within their cars.

Brand new autos are arriving with nearly 12 built in speakers which are fitted in all of the car growing a genuinely pretty sound spectrum. Lots of drag racing cars and also lovers either take away these kind of and install their own loudspeakers or use their loudspeaker systems as well as the built in audio system.

You’d better not go to brick and mortar retail stores that are offering up overpriced speaker components. You need to determine to go online and also avail great deductions and also deals. Web based wholesale car parts dealers are providing a number of very cool and eye-catching prices for exotic car accessories. Online search engines like yahoo like Yahoo and Yahoo allow you to find reputed wholesale car parts distributors. You could even learn their reviews and recommendations. Ne’er make any purchase online without confirming about the low cost car accessories supplier’s proof. There are actually a number of misleading low-cost suppliers which are simply there to steal your own money. Therefore, you’d better ask the low-cost accessories for car seller to show their middleman let and other legal papers, in order that you could shop for safely.